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This year’s theme is “America, Reading is…” Designed to get America to think and learn of all of the great values that reading has. Relieving stress, educational, fun and so much more. 


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For the National Authors Day event in 2019, we sent out two letters to every Democratic and Republican candidate running for President in 2020. One letter was to invite them to Houston for the event that we had scheduled, and the second was requesting a short video to address authors and the concerns authors may have. Only one politician sent a response. Sen. Harris, thank you, but no thank you. One politician (their rep) called to thank us for the invite, that was the then VP, Joe Biden’s office. Otherwise, not one of them addressed authors in any form, nor recognized them for their hard work in keeping the world reading, etc. This is unacceptable! Authors change and shape the world. They bring approximately one billion dollars into the economy. We deserve respect and a response from the politicians running for any high office - Senator, Governor, and President. If you get a chance to talk with them over the next few months, make sure they understand your value to the economy and the world! We will attempt once again to reach out and ask them to address authors and acknowledge what we bring to the world. You deserve it!
Volunteers Needed. Help us to create a wonderful Celebration by donating time and energy. Email us for more information to:
As authors, celebrating who we are and what we do is always a fun concept. However, celebrating our accomplishments is only one part of the overall aspect of what we do and what we offer the world. Therefore, I have altered the concept of not just celebrating who we are and the books we have written and published, but also to kick off the Holiday Season with a Day for National Book Sales. The First Saturday of November is now the National Authors Day – A Day to Celebrate & Promote our Works! To do this, we encourage every author to participate in three ways: 1 – Register at and make sure we have all your information. 2 – Help create an event in your city with fellow authors to celebrate and draw attention to authors’ great books available for the Holidays. 3 – Purchase one of the many items available through DEAR Indie that tell the world you are an author or that you support reading. Wear it on November 2, 2019, so that you can encourage conversation about your books and remind the world they are for sale as part of the Holiday Season of Reading. By purchasing these items, you help DEAR Indie raise money for literacy! DEAR Indie will list the authors who register on the site and promote them on November 2, 2019 through their various social media outlets. We will also provide the authors with material to continue the promotion through that day and during the holiday season. By working as a team, we can bring attention to reading and purchases of our books for the holiday season and beyond. But it takes TEAMWORK! Sign up now at
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