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I gained a passion for human development through assessing children during two years of pediatrics residency after finishing medical school. Working with abused and neglected kids, I could see unmistakably the impact of trauma on growing minds and hearts. Here I’m talking about the emotional heart, which deeply feels the pain when our needs are not met – not just physical needs, but emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well. I switched to psychiatry, continuing my developmental perspective with the “mentally ill.” In each symptom or behavioral challenge of these adults, I could hear the inner child relaying the truth of his or her traumatic life and the effects, which included delayed development. Wanting to inspire people to hear and help this wounded child in themselves and others, I began writing. As a Toastmaster of over ten years, I enjoy public speaking too. I also love assisting people in discovering what is holding back their development and working it through, so they can go on to fulfill their destinies. When we don’t choose to fulfill our destinies, an injury, illness, storm, or disaster may just come our way, reminding us why we are here…




  1. The Awakening Storm
  2. Illness Can Be the Cure, With Every Addiction
  3. “Infants” Are Trying to Meet Their Needs
  4. What the World Needs Now!

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What the World Needs Now!: Healing Trauma in Ourselves and Our Children


In this award-winning book, the reader learns how our nation and world have become a pressure-cooker of unhealed trauma. People with post-traumatic stress re-create their trauma with others, such as our children. Then they avoid addressing the cause of the ensuing effects. This book offers fresh information about recognizing trauma and the traumatized. With this awareness, readers can withdraw their participation in this passing on of pain. They can make other choices, such as helping themselves and their kids discover their own unique path back to health and wholeness. This book points the way!

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What the World Needs Now!: Healing Trauma in Ourselves and Our Children