Bridgette Stubbs is married to Darrell Stubbs with three (3) children. She has been in dance ministry since 1997. Bridgette didn’t understand her ministry as a individual in dance until around 2003, therefore accepting the call of Dance Minister. She was appointed Director of the Daughters of Miriam Men of Judah Dance Ministry in 2006. Upon leaving the dance ministry in 2012, she continued dancing as a solo dancer. In 2014, Bridgette began facilitating workshops. She was hired as the Director of Dance for the Arts & Entertainment Studio in Canton MS. Shortly thereafter, Bridgette began assisting local churches form their dance ministry, which included teaching the dancers Holy Ghost inspired dance routines and helping them to understand how and why their dance should glorify God. This is when her ministry, BESstyle Liturgical was formed. I’m 2018, she wrote and published FLOWING UNDER THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY. In 2019, she facilitated her first dance workshop, themed after her book. Several dancers attended from all over the Jackson MS and surrounding area. Bridgette is a teacher of liturgics, teaching how to publicly worship God while dancing. To this day, she continues to dance upon invitation. She mentors other dancers in hopes to inspire and encourage them to be the dancer that God has created them to be. Bridgette also has a passion to instruct those who are eager to be taught everything that it takes to execute the genre of dance called liturgical.