D. W. Bell is a Marine Corps veteran and lifelong writer. Named the first Poet Laureate of North Harris College, Bell is a graduate of North Harris College (twice) and a dropout of Rice University, Lamar University, and Sam Houston State University (once each, so far).

Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas, he now writes and abides in the Houston area.



  1. The Revelator



D. W. Bell Books

The Revelator


ohn, guilty of murder and at the brink of suicide, is given a path to redemption... or is it damnation? Diverted from the path of self-destruction after brutally murdering his unfaithful wife and best friend in a fit of passion, John is offered a possible road to redemption by an enigmatic stranger in service to a secret organization of righteous assassins. Deceived, John finds himself on the wrong side of the eternal battle for balance between Good and Evil.

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The Revelator