I’ve been a professional author for more than twenty-five years, with more than one hundred non-fiction books published by traditional publishers such as St. Martin’s, Simon & Schuster, Barricade Books, and New American Library as well as reference and educational houses, including Adams Media, Facts on File, and Mitchell-Lane. I have also written the novel Deadline (Diversion), the first of a planned mystery series. I have also ghost-written dozens of non-fiction books, working closely with the client to make sure the book expressed their voice and perspective. My journalism background and book experience turned me into an expert researcher, and I have authored books across many genres—biographies and memoirs, technology and science, and histories—focusing on a wide range of topics and subjects. I have learned that just as important as accurate research is being able to present complex topics in an accessible and relatable style that makes the material not only interesting but relatable and accessible to readers. The job of every author is to keep the reader engaged and turning the page.